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About Us

Savannah Libbey

Co-owner, Director, Professional Dancer

Savannah has been teaching all different styles of dance for over 14 years now. Beginning her training at 2 years old, Savannah excelled in all types of dance including but not limited to tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and acrobats. She began competing at 3 years old, and went on to be awarded 1st place in almost every competition she participated in as a child, along with being chosen as the "best dancer" at Amador High School in 2013. After high school Savannah went on to take classes at her college and join a company in Santa Barbara, California for 4 years. Savannah is the Director and teaches the majority of the classes at Star Dancer Studio in Sutter Creek, CA, instructing more than 150 students a week there as well as instructing the dance program at Amador High School where she choreographs the routines and numbers for the musicals and other shows/performances throughout the year. Her love of dance is contagious and shows through the passion that her students hold for dance. 

Dianna Patton

Co-owner, Instructor, Professional Dancer

Dianna Patton has danced from age 2 through present and performed professionally on Television at age 4. She started performing in the Sacramento Music Circus at age 9 and went through High School. Dianna started teaching dance at age 12, and is still teaching multiple hours a week at the age o 65.

She started her professional dance company “Sizzling Hot” in 1980, and they danced for the Department of Defense, TV appearances on Star Search, commercials, Weeknight, PM Magazine, Australian Air Force (and had their jet's named after us), Opening of Hotels in Hawaii, performing at the Coca Cola private company shows, corporate show,s and golf classics.  

We are a family owned business. While our dance studios have had many names and locations, the family stays the same. Starting off with Mimi, now in her 80s, our studio opened in 1950 when Mimi came up with the plan to have a successful career as a dance teacher. Going on to Dianna who would be born just two years after the opening of Barbara's Dance Studio, Dianna began teaching dance alongside her mom at the age of 12 years old. After years of performing in the music circus and performing out with Barbara's dance studio, Dianna went on to take over the family business. Dianna had been teaching for years when she decided to put together Sizzling Hot, a professional dance company. Starting the company in 1980, Sizzling Hot would go onto signing a contract with the Department of Defense and travel around the world entertaining our troops. Sizzling Hot was also on many TV shows, such as Star Search, commercials, Weeknight, and many more. Deciding to give up the huge studio of Tinseltown in 2003, Dianna, Mimi, and Savannah moved to Sutter Creek in search of the charm a small town has to offer. 2003 would be the year Star Dancer Studio was created. In 1995 Dianna had her first and only baby girl Savannah. Coming from having 3 older sons Scott, Brett, and Lance, Dianna knew she had her 3rd generation of dance teacher finally. Savannah danced from age 2 through college, and at the age of 22 in 2017 took over as Co-Owner and Director of Star Dancer Studio. Savannah competed her whole young life, and took unlimited dance through high school. While going to college in Santa Barbara, CA Savannah was part of a company and took dance classes throughout her college years. Now back together in Sutter Creek, Savannah, Dianna, and Mimi love being the county's family. At Star Dancer Studio we are not just the place to go to dance, but we are a dance family that focuses on positive reinforcement and confidence in hopes to build the love and passion we all share for dance. Each one of us feels blessed and so lucky to have the chance to be able to have our passion as our careers.

Savannah, Dianna, and Mimi

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